January 5:  A new day

Well I did it.  I work up and finished yesterday without either bingeing or purging.  So a minor victory.

I know I’m not currently eating normally.  But I need to be totally honest with myself.  Right now – the compulsive over eating is what I need to control.  A strict eating plan and reducing my weight to a normal level is my aim.  Once that happens (which I’m expecting to be by the end of Jan), I want to use Feb as a month of a better eating plan and moderate exercise.

I did weigh myself and I’m down 4.5 kilos since 1 Jan.  Sounds like a lot to some but I’ve put on 25 kilos in two months.  That’s the extent of my problem.  So I expect the first 10 kilos to go pretty quickly.  The second 15 will be a hard slog and that’s when the temptation to speed things up will kick in and I need to resist.