January 9:  Two meals a day

As you might have gathered from previous entries, I have an issue with food.   I binge, I purge, I fast.  Very rarely would I ever not be in one of those cycles.  This year I’m trying to break these patterns.

I am still incomfortable in my own skin.  I am close to 20kg more than I was 3-4 months ago so not that surprising.  I have already lost around 6kg this year, however, I know I could speed it up if I simply stop eating.  I have done water fasts before and obviously, results are quick.

The first week of the year I settled with one main meal a day, cofffee and tea and the odd peanut butter spoon.

This second week, am trying to up to 2 meals a day.  Which I have done.  Yesterday I had fish and salad for lunch and lamb and veg for dinner.

Writing this, I feel ridiculous.  Here I am thinking I’ve achieved so much simply by eating 2 meals.  But I did.  The instinct to overeat and then purge was so strong yet I just drank some water and rode it out.  I know I will have some lapses but I’m taking each minor victory as one.


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